Freitag, 28. August 2015

Preparing for my trip

Like I said in my previous post, I am going on vacations to....Japan! It will be my third time there but the first time all on my own °^° I'm not scared because of that, just positively excited. I have many dates there with several people living in Tokyo and Osaka and I'm so looking forward to meet them again or for the first time. For example, I'm meeting up with two girls who are shopping services. They shop for me for years already and now I'm finally able to meet them. That makes me very happy ^___^
One question I got asked very often was:
How much did you spend for your trip to Japan? 
I made a list for my last Japan trip on my old livejournal blog but I want to make a new one. The costs may vary a lot to what others spent, of course. Depends on your airport location, hotel etc. but maybe it can give you an impression.

630€ direct flight from DUS - NRT and back
Hotel for 7 nights in Tokyo:
¥47.925 (one-bed hotel rooms are sooo expensive T_T)
Airbnb flat for 3 nights in Osaka:
JR Rail Pass for 7 days:

That's what is fix! For the other days, I will use a Suica Card (prepaid card for the subway system). There's always a method to get stuff cheaper but I booked the flight pretty late (3 months prior to the actual flight) and I didn't want to fly with Air China (would have been around 100€ cheaper) because the flight times were quite bad and I'd travel muuuuch longer due to the stays in Beijing. Everything else was even more expensive.
For the hotel: I wanted a room on my own, no dorm rooms with other people I don't know and I don't want to share a bathroom, too. So I prefer to pay more and have the luxury of being alone ^_~
The last times, I've been to Japan, I never had a Rail Pass. This time, I'm going to Osaka and Kyoto and Shinkansen fares and sooo expensive. So I bought the Rail Pass here in advance. This was super easy and it arrived after one day from France - super fast, just like the Shinkansen ^_~

I will make a list with all the other costs (more trainrides, food, entrance fees) after my holidays. I have to pack now (Θ︹Θ)ს


  1. Travelling is so expensive but its usually worth it. I cannot wait to read your adventures! My latest trip to Japan was pretty bad because of my illness so I am going to read yours as if it was my own!
    Have a safe flight!

    1. Yes, definitely worth it! I heard about your health issues and felt sooo sorry ;___;