Freitag, 13. März 2015

La vie en rose in Paris - Day 1

Long time, no see....again! I'm sorry! I don't know if you even want to read something about Paris anymore but I will blog about it anyways ;D
So last month was the Street Fashion Europe event in Paris. This year it was called La vie en rose, last year it was Enchanted in London. Because of my new job, I wasn't able to get a day off so we (Aimee, Cindy, her fiancé and I) drove to Paris on Friday evening (Feb. 20th) We arrived really late although we were lucky and had no traffic jams. Next day we had to get up early because we had VIP/ Valentine tickets and the entrance started at 10 o'clock! When we arrived, there were already many girls waiting in line. It's always a nice picture to see so many beautiful girls in one spot! Cindy and I were one of the first Valentine ticket holders to enter the venue (we also got ticket no. 1 and 2, haha but that didn't matter) and looked for the Triple Fortune bonnets... woaah soooo many! In all the colors you can imagine. Cindy thought about buying one but couldn't decide. Next we looked for the evil live bags. I got the one and only heart bag in pink. YEEEESSS! My first light pink Lolita bag! After all this time, can you imagine? I was/ am soooo happy! They also had gold, beige, black... wanted all of them ;_; I had the feeling that the shopping stalls were much better than last year because... I bought much more, haha! I also bought a necklace from Li-Paro and the Lolita necklace from Syrup. I was thinking about getting a Grimoire dress or socks or.... geeeeeeez! Couldn't handle all the cool stuff! We strolled around and ate the delicious food. OMG! It was sooooo good! How to make me happy? Give me something delicious to eat! I can get really grumpy if I can't get anything to eat :D We checked our goodie bags and found many cool things. A calendar, Baby buttons, post cards, nail stickers etc. I really liked the things they put in the goodie bags ♥
I also took a photo together with Masumi Kanoh and got her autograph and talked with other guests. I'd say Juliette et Justine was a big thing this year! I saw many girls wearing their dresses. Last year the inofficial theme was: BIG headdresses. This year there were many veils (wedding theme) and 3F bonnets (of course) Then the program started. Unfortunately it was still very loud during the Q&A because many guests were still shopping and chatting. Although I'm not a huge fan of fashion shows at Lolita events, I liked both of them. The brand that participated had beautiful clothes!  When BABI's talk (designer of 3F) started we got so thirsty and got something to drink at a supermarket. But the girls I talked with later, said that it was very interesting! Then...the raffle. Oh my, I'm not lucky when it comes to raffles BUT "1" was my lucky number that day. I got a necklace from Sweet & Tiny and a hat from Promise of Nostalgica!! I could't believe it. I loved the stuff from Sweet & Tiny but I already bought two necklaces that day. But I won one.. so much better! And the PoN hat was made of me (I'm sure!). The color combination is just my thing. Cindy won a hat and Aimee won earrings at the raffle but unfortunately the hat wasn't Cindy's style and Aimee has tunnels so earrings are nothing she can wear :(

The stuff I got and bought that day ♥
Our feet hurt like hell but we still managed to go to L'arc de triomphe which was nearby and took some pictures. Later we met up with Sarah and ate burgers in a 50s style diner called "Happy Days Diner" and yes... this was a happy day!
We also made a video about it! 
Thank you Street Fashion Europe for organizing this wonderful event ♥ I enjoyed it a lot!

Last thing I want to show you is Cindy's and my twin outfits.
Dress, socks, necklace: Angelic Pretty
Blouse and headdress: Taobao (forgot the shop names, sorry)
Shoes: Bodyline
Bouquets: selfmade

Thanks for reading ♥


  1. Your outfit is lovely, I feel so nostalgic about the all event now! I wish this day has never ended ^^

  2. Event of the year würd ich sagen <3 War toll <3