Dienstag, 8. Juli 2014

Coord Chaos: Princess Wardrobe JSK

Hiatus is over, I have so many new ideas for blogging, that I have to start again! Just like I said, my love for blogging is too strong for quitting :D

So let's start with a whole new category: Coord Chaos! I choose one main piece from my wardrobe (dress) and try to make as many coords as possible with it! I don't know how often I will do this but when I got my Princess Wardrobe Set I wanted to try out some outfits with this. This is how I got inspired to do this new category. Hope you like it ^__^

So I want to start with my Princess Wardrobe/Lace Up Doll Pinafore dress 3 in beige by Metamorphose. I got it in a Special Set together with a blouse, headbow, socks and a bag.

(1) beige x powder pink

blouse: Lily J * socks: Innocent World * bag & shoes: Liz Lisa (replica) * flower accessory: Primark, h&m * brooch: I am

The first coord that came to my mind. It's a casual and classic mix. I bought this blouse in London this spring and had to choose between ivory and this color. I chose this one because it was special.  That's what makes the coord more classic. The shoes and bag are a bit casual but the colors are a perfect match to the waist band of the dress.

(2) pink x wine red

blouse: 69th department * shoes: Secret Shop * bag: Loris * headdress: Chess Story * socks: no name

The print has wine red elements, so I wanted to emphasize them with other pieces in the color. The headdress is very simple with three deep red roses but there is already going on enough in this coord. Because white or ivory were too boring, I chose light pink as another color.

(3) ivory (elegant)

blouse: Vero Moda * bag: Evil Live * shoes: TaoBao * socks: Metamorphose (from the set) * gloves: Vintage * hat: selfmade

Now there is my ivory chiffon blouse - I LOVE it! Wore it so many times already. Not even sorry, haha. I chose heeled shoes,a hat and gloves. It makes the look very classy. The socks are the ones from the Special Set, they have a gold print just like the heels on the shoes and the chains of the bag.

(4) ivory x powder pink (casual)

blouse: Vero Moda * bag: Liz Lisa (replica) * shoes: no name * beret: TaoBao * socks: Innocent World

The casual version with ivory and light pink. I love the beret to the dress and the blouse. It's very cute and gives a very casual touch.

(5) - ivory x brown I

blouse: Vero Moda * socks: Innocent World * bag: TaoBao * shoes: Seasons * beret: Cock Robin's songs

With different shoes, socks and bag. Ivory, light pink and brown blend well with each other, so I wanted to use brown, too.

(6) ivory x brown II

blouse: Vero Moda * socks & bag: Innocent World * shoes: Seasons * cardigan: Primark * beret: Cock Robin's songs

The same with a brown cardigan over it and a different bag. Because of the very dark chest area I used a lighter bag for a good contrast.

(7) - ivory x black

blouse: Vero Moda * socks & cardigan: Metamorphose * bag: Loris * shoes: Secret Shop * beret: no name

Another casual coord with black. Wish I had the Special Set socks in black for this coord, they would have been even better for it. Dunno why but it reminds me of school. Maybe because of the bag?

I wish my flat had better spots for pictures but no place is light enough, I am sorry. So the details are not very visible, especially in the dark areas.

Hope you liked this! Which coord is your favorite? Do you want to see more of this category?


  1. Love the coordinates, so many with the same dress!<3 Especially love 1 and 3~!

    Glad to see you blogging again!

    1. I can't keep away from it :D My need to talk (or write) is too big, haha! 1 and 3 are also my favs ^_^

  2. Ich liebe Outfit 1 (Die Bluse ist so perfekt!!!) 3 und 4 *-* Das Kleid kann man wirklich sehr vielfältig coordinieren :D
    Freu mich so, dass du wieder zurück bist <3

  3. Oh God I love them all! *o* Buuut I think my favourite are no. 2 and 4! <3

  4. Ich mag dein Chaos und das erste gefällt mir am besten *^*

  5. Ich hab dich nicht vergessen :) Sobald das Pakerl da ist, bekommst du die schwarzen Socken ^^

  6. Ich liebe 1, 2 und 4 *_* bordeaux geht einfach immer :D

    1. Bordeaux bzw rot allgemein ist auch meine liebste Farbe, besonders in Lolita <3

  7. Very nice ideas ! And well-done for the different coords ! :D

  8. I love this type of post! Its very inspirational and makes me wanna try new ways to coordinate too! Although I absolutely love pink x brown together, I think the 1st and 2nd coords are the nicest. I'm drooling over that lace blouse!