Mittwoch, 15. Juni 2011

Review: Geo Angel Brown from

Yes, another review! I finally decided to buy a pair of brown lenses! I chose the Geo Angel Brown lenses from my trusted shop For me, this is the "typical" style for circle lenses! They look more natural and really intensify your look!

This is my package! Lovely as always! Everything was packed in the lacey-plastic-bag! The lenses were in the box, then I got an eye patch mask and the lens case for free! And also a thank you note ♥

I don't think you can see a difference but on the right side, the lens is upside down.

Unfortunatly, I forgot a photo to compare with and without lens but here are my photo with the lenses worn!

Because of the Barbie lenses which are veeeery thin, I felt that these lenses were a bit uncomfortabke at first but then, I got used to it and they felt good after all!

Enlarging effekt: 3/5
Design: 3/5 Nothing special but good looking after all!
Comfort: 3/5 I took them out after 8 hours because my eyes were dry!

Overall nice contact lenses with enlarging effect that look a bit more natural! The price is very nice, too!


  1. They look really nice and I love your lashes and eye makeup!

  2. Thank you! The upper lashes are mixed: Eyemazing and Diamond Lash. The lower ones are just from Diamond Lash :D

  3. They look so lovely on you~
    and your eye make is so pretty *w*

  4. hiii~
    dein blog ist supi süß und die circle lenses sehen hammer aus :O vor allem mit den falsies!

    lippi <3

  5. i luv shoppingholics for the free international shipping over 50~~~i recent bought likt 3 pairs from them~~~so so good~~~great review~~~


  6. You look sooo cute with them <3

  7. hey~
    eine frage:

    hast du die linsen sofort nach dem öffnen eingesetzt oder erst in die lösung gepackt?