Montag, 7. Februar 2011

Review: Barbie Eye Princess Lace from

Yeah, finally a new post! But just a review *cough*
My old grey lenses are almost a year old now, so I needed new ones! I saw a review at The Makeup Piggy and totally fell for the lenses. I like that they are not exactly round but have the pretty lace effect *_* Unfortunately I don't have such a good camera but I hope you can see the effect they have in my pictures, too.
So it was my first time ordering from where they have the Barbie Eye Princess Lace Lenses. I took the brown ones, cause my natural color is brown-green, too.
Shipping was very quick and I got my lenses last week

This is how the package looked like (already opened)

And the contents. I was like: WHERE THE HECK ARE THE LENSES?????

Hm yeah, just take a closer look! The Barbie Eye lenses come in a cute animal box. Inside the head are the little bottles with the lenses!

Plus I got a cute green bear lens care, a face mask and a cute Thank You Card! So nice

with Flashlight

Looks so evil! I'm wearing Diamond Lash, too!

With and without flash

And two non closeup pics!

Just quick pictures for the review! I should post betterphotos when I style myself properly...

So overall:
Enlarging effekt: 4/5
Design: 5/5 I love the lace pattern!!!
Comfort: 5/5 so thin and comfortable!
At first I had problems with getting them in my eyes because they are so thin and big but with a bit exercise, it will go quicker, I think.

I would definitely recommend and the Barbie Eye Princess Lace Lenses!


  1. Awww~ ^w^
    they look realy pretty on you
    at first I thougt the lenses looked kind of strange, but on the non-close-up-pics they mke very sweet doll-like eyes <3

  2. Whaah, das Muster sieht übelst geil aus! Steht dir total gut *-* Und mit den Falsies zusammen hast du richtig schöne Dolly Eyes *-*

  3. Die Kontaktlinsen sind aber echt klasse! <3 *O*
    Die Wimpern gefallen mir auch sehr gut. Du hast wirklich schöne Augen!!! <3

  4. Musstest du zum Zoll gehen?

    Ich liebe diese Linsen, aber trau mich nicht sie zu bestellen ;-P